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Staking APRin sdFRAX3CRV, for a 4 years lock

Total SDT locked- SDT-% of total supply

Total Voting Power- veSDT-

PriceBuy SDT

SDT holders can lock their SDT for a maximum of 4 years (the longer you lock, the greater the boost and benefits across the platform) and get voting power proportional to their lock time (which will decrease linearly with time).

By locking your SDT, you can: • use the voting power to on-chain-vote and direct SDT inflation to all strategies and lockers which you want to increase the total APY of • get individually boosted SDT from all strategies and lockers • get a share of the platform fees in sdFRAX3CRV tokens (coming from all strategies on top of all lockers), as direct incentives for locking SDT
Delegated boost:- veSDT
Received boost:- veSDT
Alternative yields
No alternative yields available
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