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Smart contracts need to be whitelisted to lock SDT. The following protocols have been whitelisted to either build a project on top of Stake DAO, or to grow their treasury by locking with a multi-signature wallet.
undefined logoCurve
Curve is a decentralized exchange (DEX) focused on efficient stablecoin trading by using liquidity pools.
undefined logoPancakeSwap
PancakeSwap is the leading decentralized exchange on BNB Smart Chain.
undefined logoPendle
Pendle is a permissionless yield-trading protocol where users can execute various yield-management strategies.
undefined logof(x) Protocol
f(x) splits ETH into a mix of low-volatility “floating stablecoins” called fETH and high volatility “leveraged ETH” tokens called xETH.
undefined logoYearn
Yearn Finance is a DeFi’s yield aggregator. Giving individuals, DAOs and other protocols a way to deposit digital assets and receive yield.
undefined logoBalancer
Balancer is a decentralized automated market maker (AMM) protocol built on Ethereum that represents a flexible building block for programmable liquidity.
undefined logoSpectra
Spectra is the first protocol for future yield tokenisation.
undefined logoFrax
The Frax Protocol issues innovative, decentralized stablecoins and contains subprotocols to support them.
undefined logoFrax
FPI is the first stablecoin pegged to a basket of real-world consumer items as defined by the US CPI-U average.
undefined logoMaverick
Maverick Protocol offers an infrastructure for DeFi, built for traders, liquidity providers, DAO treasuries, and developers.
undefined logoAngle
Angle is a decentralized, capital efficient and over-collateralized stablecoin protocol composed of smart contracts running on open blockchains.
undefined logoBlackpool
Blackpool is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) built solely for NFT gaming and trading.
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